Crafting an 'AS' design

At ‘AS by Akansha Sethi' we take pride in creating unique hand crafted colourful jewellery highlighting the traditional art of carved gemstones and enamelling with a contemporary twist. Through each design we want to showcase the vast variety of gems in the world  and how both precious and semi-precious stones can be combined to create vibrant works of wearable art.

Each ‘AS’ creation has been handcrafted in our Jaipur studio by our skilled set of artisans. Every artisan in the team comes from generations of Goldsmiths that have been trained in the art of jewellery making for over 20 years, guaranteeing the high quality of all ‘AS’ designs.

The soul of every design comes from its use of carefully sourced natural gemstones that have been hand carved on our studio. Each carving is meticulously designed to represent the source of inspiration and add texture to each ‘AS’ gem.

With Akasha’s passion and in depth knowledge on coloured gemstones she has the awareness of how to work with them in gold and silver to highlight each gems natural beauty.

Before your jewellery is ready to be sent out it is carefully analysed and tested to make sure it is comfortable to wear and can be enjoyed every day.