Top 5 things to consider when investing in coloured gemstone jewellery

With an increase in demand for vibrant colourful jewellery and unconventional gemstone engagement rings it is important to understand a few important points when buying coloured gemstone jewellery.
Colourful gemstone jewellery rings

Coloured gemstones speak to everyone in a different way and it is important to highlight the feeling you get when interacting with them. I myself have been fascinated by certain coloured gemstones due to the feeling they evoke within myself. From the happy yellow tones of Citrines to the mystical allure of Moonstones each gemstone has its own personality and will connect to everyone in a unique way adding to the charm of wearing coloured gems.

Similar to Diamonds it is very important to consider the colour of the gemstone. Research what the natural and prized colour variations are for your desired gem. This has also been highlighted towards the bottom of this post based on the current selection of gemstones used in each ‘AS’ design. 

Every gemstone has its own hardness normally measured with The Mohs hardness scale. Depending on how you tend to wear your jewellery and your daily routine ask the designer if the gemstone is appropriate for your lifestyle or if it can be designed in a specific way to ensure the stone is protected and you can still enjoy wearing your piece.

statment floral carving rose quartz torque necklace with dark pink Tourmaline detailing encasing necklace

The beauty of natural coloured gemstones is the glow from within each stone making each one extra special and unique. It is important to consider if the way it has been cut or carved  adds and highlights its natural beauty. When working on the ‘Cloud’ collection I had decided to use a unique gemstone called Labradorite prized for its iridescence and internal blue/red sparks. It was incredibly important to focus on the those attributes resulting in a carving highlighting the gems original splendour and staying true to the source of inspiration.

Statement carved Labradorite and Moonstone ring with Diamond detailing clustered together like a cloud

With a rise in ‘treated and created’ gemstones more and more people are intrigued and conscious of where natural gemstones have originated from. Although it is not required to know the exact origin it is important to know if it has been sourced ethically and if they meet the required environmental guidelines. The inspiration behind each ‘AS’ collection is inspired by specific moments dear to my heart, which is why it is my upmost priority to ensure that the highest quality of materials are used to design each unique piece and that each stage is worked on with care from sourcing gemstones to designing and then creating the finished jewel.